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Easy Vanilla Ice Cream In 5 Minutes | Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe | Soft Creamy Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice – cream is universally loved ice – cream. Vanilla Ice cream has a smooth, milky white and creamy texture that makes it a classic dessert so beloved. In this Recipe I am making Vanilla Ice cream in a very easy way. Do try this Vanilla Ice – cream at your home you will surely love it❤❤❤

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Method to make homemade vanilla ice cream:

Take 1 Cup (250 ML) of cold milk in a pan, add 1 TBSP of cornflour and mix well and then switch on the gas. Cook till the milk thickens, then add 4 TBSP sugar, mix well and keep aside to cool. Now take mixer jar and pour 250 ML of fresh cream add cooled mixture of milk, 1 TSP vanilla essence into the jar and churn the mixture for 1 minute till the mixture becomes airy and frothy.
It is very important to remember that the quantity of milk and fresh cream should be equal. Pour the mixture into the container and cover it with aluminum foil so that it prevents to form ice crystals. Keep this in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Now the soft creamy vanilla ice cream is ready to eat with your loved ones.

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Ingredients Required For Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:
Milk 1 Cup
Cornflour 1 TBSP
Sugar 4 TBSP
Fresh Cream 1 Cup
Vanilla Essence 1 TSP
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