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Hi guys, I will come back to my channel. I hope you’re all doing great. So, as you can tell by the background, I’m in my kitchen today, so welcome to my kitchen, I’m, going to be doing a different kind of video for you guys it’s, going to be really exciting.

A really fun for you guys to watch, I’m sure you guys will love it because you guys must love food and you all love my food snaps. If you follow me on snapchat, then you ‘ Ll know how much food I post and how much I cook and all the pictures I share an Instagram and you guys know if you don’t follow me on Instagram or snapchat.

I will leave my username and the description bar below so check that out on follow me and join snapchat. Family join the Instagram family, and you get to see more of me there anyway. This video is basically me showing you guys how to make a ll English breakfast, which is something really delicious and easy to make our digital.

You guys how to make it anyway, because why not um yeah? I hope you guys enjoy it and yeah. Let me know if you do so, I can make these videos my remover. Let me know if you guys enjoy it, so I can make videos more regularly and yeah hope you guys enjoy it.

Let’s, go into the video. Also, there are mine, the lighting is going to be really crazy because the sun’s coming in out and yeah, but apart from that, the video should be great with it. I have some mind you idiots here.

I’m, going to be using just some chopped up, onions peppers and I’ve got coriander here I ‘ Ve got some Tomatoes there and I ‘ Ve got my sausages and I ‘ Ve got some eggs so first things: first, hey our eggs and crack it into a bowl or wherever you want to present them to right.

[, Music, ], okay, so we’ve cracked, our eggs and I’m going to do is add some salt and black pepper to it. I’m just going to estimate this. I’m just going to take some salt here, so I don’t have too much and it just sprinkle it on and just see really eyeball.

It basically – and I’m just going to give that good old night brands will take about 15 to 20 minutes in the oven. So I’m size popular in the oven. Before I make the eggs my eggs, my peppers, that I showed you and some onions so to cook my eggs, I’m, going to use some coconut oil because of all the many health benefits you guys.

I’m sure already know about it:’s, nothing new! So I’m, going to use even half a teaspoon. Then I’m just going to let that melt. While that’s melting. I’m just going to move the pan around, so it coats the whole pan evenly.

What I’m gonna do now is take my mixed peppers and onions and just pop them in okay, so this heat is really low. So I’m gonna pop it onto the back one. So I’m, going to add a little bit more coconut oil because I feel like and it could be a bit oilier.

I don’t know it’s a bit dry, so I’m just going to stir this a little bit until it gets a little bit soft. So I’m, going to let it cook for maybe 2 minutes, you don’t. Let this sit you want to keep stirring and, as you can see, is becoming a little bit Brown, which is just what you want and right right now, I’m, going to turn the heat off, because this is how I want it to be Cooked you can see, the onions have been sauteed, and this is just how cooked I want it and I basically check out onions are cooked.

The onions are cooked, then that’s. When I stop, because I don’t want my peppers to be too soft and soggy on it a bit of crunch in them. One way to do now is actually put this mixture back to where it came from, which is this little tub.

[, Music ] put it on this time. You want to make it like a medium-low heat. You don’t burn your eggs, which is what we’re, making take some more of that coconut oil and some onto here. So I’m. Going to do now is get my egg and pop it into the pan, and when you see the sides bubbling like that, what you want to do is basically just grab it and then do that and tilt the pan.

Well, whatever is the cooking with slowly so that I can get to that. So this is how you make your perfect omelet. Okay, so I do right. So you get the idea when the edges become that color just tilt it.

I’m, going to do this on low heat, because you don’t want to burn your eggs. The last thing you want to do is have a burn eggs and then what I’m going to do is take some of this mixture and just drop it on top.

You [ Music ] play on top just tilt it over and see that then just slide it back. So now that you have removed your eggs from your pan, you don’t need to put any oil in it whatsoever because the bacon we’re using yes bacon, but it’s hot our bacon.

So it’s. All good has a lot of oil on fat in it, so there it is just going to open that up. I ‘ Ve got my heat on medium-high, so I ‘ Ve got my strips here, so you can start until it becomes a brown and golden underneath and then just repeat the same process on the other side.

So I ‘ Ve turned them once and, as you can see the golden brown and the still bubbling and since minute, can you see all of that oil? On top of it? I’ve, not added any oil. So you don’t need to add anything.

I’m, going to take it off and just put on a plate with some tissue on it, and I’ll. Show you guys what I’m gonna. Do for the last final step, find it pop it right back on there good stuff like you, can never gain now.

Okay, so coconut oil in there, and I’m gonna make my sausages now just fry them. Basically, you don’t need a too much like you. Don’t need to deep-fry them. You can do them in a healthy way, so so try that there for you, okay, so I’m gonna do – is pop.

My sausages on on by one and it’s on low heat by the way in case you’re wondering until they’re nicely browned and golden then I’ll. Show you guys what that looks like. I’m, so excited to fit this guy’s.

How long is the process of making English breakfast so long, but it’s so worth it so delicious yeah. So, as you can see, the eggs are made it’s, not usually your English breakfast and eggs, but I just like on there to like vegetables in it.

I think this is so much better, but everybody has own preferences. Make it any way you like them, and now I was just waiting all my sausages, the pack in the oven, because I just like them more golden than this, and I don’t know I like everything like burnt.

Oh, my guys, so I’ve, been flipping them slowly, so if they get golden brown until they’re all pretty much the same color. This is on high heat. We’re just going to take some black pepper salt and see than them I ‘

Ve got my coffee right here. Coffee tastes, amazing, okay, so here’s. What the delicious food looks like and I’m about to pull some beans right on top okay guys. So I have my plate of food right here and I’m bout to tuck in so yeah gia.

What, whenever I watch cooking videos on people, don’t, try the food that really annoys me. Try it the down food? Okay, because that’s the whole one bit: okay, [, Music, ], [, Music, ]! You can you smell that right now.

Can you smell it? Okay, guys so that’s, the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have then give you a good thumbs up – and let me know in the comments section below, if you’d like to see more videos like this and you need to our Channel – and this is the first Video you’ve.

Seen of mine, then be sure to subscribe somewhere here, so you can get notification every time. I upload a new video and that’s great because you get to watch my video first right. So if you do recreate this, a dish then be sure to tag me on instagram at Beauty boutique.

So I can see all of your beautiful creations and yeah awesome at me. Anything works anyway. So let’s end. The video hope you guys enjoyed it and I’ll, see you guys on my next one and show up bye,

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