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How to Make Breakfast – The Victorian Way

oh hello, you’re here, rather early just in time to help with Lord and Lady brave Brooks breakfast, so we must get on. Breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day, but that’s. No excuse for making it plain and boring.

Today I’m making kedgeree one of Lady Braybrook favorite dishes to have for breakfast. So for this you will need 6 ounces of cooked rice 6 ounces of cooked fish 1 teaspoon of cayenne, pepper 1/2, 2. Tablespoons of butter, half a teaspoon of salt [, Music, ] 2x, a Gill of cream and for garnishing parsley, quails eggs and prawns.

It’s important to make breakfast a good and substantial meal for the family when shooting might not eat after breakfast. Until what four o’clock in the afternoon for shooting tea, just as the light is fading for this dish, I’m using this really nice piece of cod, which I’ve, already cooked and poached in milk.

You could use a smoked fish, but that would be far too strong for breakfast. You must make sure you have all your ingredients ready, because kedgeree is a dish that needs a firm hand. I’m just breaking up my fish into large flakes.

I’ve already whisked the eggs and Sylvia has made sure there’s, no lumps in my rice here. I have everything ready for the garnishing and now to the pan, [ Music ]. To begin with, have your pan, nice and hot to melt the butter then add the rice and then for a jali stir it in until it’s completely soaked in the butter and now, with slightly less heat from your stove, add your face fold.

The fish in with the rice and the butter until it’s only nice and brown [ Music ]. I’m now going to add a pinch of salt, some cayenne, pepper and now it’s. Time to add the eggs and a little cream follow these in together, try not to break up the fish flakes too much, but also do not overcook the eggs there we are, and now I better get this to the table to garnish the dish I’ve chopped up the parsley and then I’ve halved the hard-boiled quails eggs shelled the prawns and decorated it like this.

As breakfast is served as a buffet. I’m, going to keep this warm by putting hot water inside this hot plate. Many dishes are served for breakfast, but I always try and serve this because I know it’s. Lady Braybrook favorite and I have to say I agree with her: it’s, truly delicious

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